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Cheats Codes List

Cheats should be disabled for multiplayer games, but if you want to play with them in single player mode, here's the list of hidden tricks. All you have to do is press the ENTER key which opens up the Chat box, then type in the code, and press the ENTER key.

BIG BERTHA - Changes your Catapults into Big Berthas with an increased range and greater damage radius.

BIGDADDY - It looks like a Camaro Z28 with a guy and a rocket launcher in the driver's seat. Most deadly.

BLACK RIDER - Changes your Heavy Horse Archers into Black Riders.

COINAGE - Gives you 1000 gold

DARK RAIN - Disguises composite bowmen as trees when they are at rest. This also allows them to walk on water.

DIEDIEDIE - Everyone is destroyed

E=MC2 TROOPER -- Gives you a much more powerful Nuke Trooper (also see PHOTON MAN).

FLYING DUTCHMAN -- Juggernaughts turn into Flying Dutchmen.

GAIA - Allows you to control the animals individually.

HARI KARI - Kills off all your units, including buildings.

HOME RUN - You are victorious.

HOYOHOYO - Gives your priests 600 hit points and makes them move very fast.

ICBM - Increased Ballista range.

JACK BE NIMBLE - Heavy catapult will now fire cows and villagers. This one's a hoot!

KILLX - X is a number indicating the position of a player. Can be used to eliminate an enemy without wiping the map clean.

MEDUSA - This code makes one of your units a Medusa. Get him near an enemy and when the Villager dies, he will turn into a Black Rider. Let him die one more time and he turns into a Catapult!

NO FOG - Eliminates fog of war and displays enemy units and everything else covered by the fog of war.

PEPPERONI PIZZA - Gives you 1000 food

PHOTON MAN - Gives you the Nuke Trooper (see E=MC2 TROOPER).

QUARRY - Gives you 1000 stone

RESIGN - You are defeated

REVEAL MAP - Reveals the entire map

STEROIDS - Almost instantaneous building

WOODSTOCK - Gives you 1000 wood