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What's New DFX's Multi-Website


DFX's Multi-Website now has a NEW URL! That's right! We have finally gotten rid of the hassel of having to remember that big old URL from Tripod. Our new URL (URL basically means internet address) is Make sure you memorize it!

Need a new e-mail account or address? Well guess what DFX's Multi-Website has adopted just for you! It's "DFX Mail"; an easy to use, Free Web-based E-mail Service. It works just like MSN's Hotmail, only better; with a few extra features, such as e-mail filters (like Anti-SPAM), full ICQ integration, integrated pager utilities, a multi-lingual spell checker, etc. You have just got to see this and try it for yourself!

CHECK IT OUT! Recently added to DFX's Multi-Website's DFX's Sweepstakes, are a whole new line of Sweepstakes and Prizes to Win! Now you can enter a sweepstakes that is absolutely FREE, and let's you enter as many times as you want! Win cool prizes like cash, automobiles, the lastest personal computers, electronics, valuable gift certificates, dream vacations, AND MORE!

Don't forget to tell your friends about DFX's Multi-Website. If you go to the Main Home Page, and e-mail a friend by clicking on the Recommend it button, telling them to surf and bookmark DFX's Multi-Website, you will be eligible to win a Palm Pilot III electronic organizer from 3Com. Remember... the more people you e-mail about DFX's Multi-Website, the more times you are entered into the draw! So what are you waiting for? Recommend DFX's Multi-Website to a friend!

DFX's Online VR Mall is having a few problems. If you have tried to view it (even after loading the plug-in) you may have noticed that it may not load. This may have to do with the file size of the mall or with the speed/capacity of the Tripod server itself. (Yes DFX's Multi-Website is presently using Tripod's Premier services.) Due to the fact that I am a third year engineering major, you may notice a slowness to update at DFX's Multi-Website.

DFX's Multi-Website has now also created Two separate sets of browsing preferences. All we have done is taken out the Frames view for Netscape users (since it does not work with Netscape anyway). All other browsers will get Frames and the other brower views to choose from. We have also renamed the "No Frames" view to "Pop-Up Navigation Menu", (naturally).

DFX's Money Making Ideas section has had yet another Get-Paid-To-Surf program added to it's list. This one pays out $1.00US per hour that you surf the web, and is Great For Netscape Users!

PLUS, Check Out DFX's Online A/V Entertainment Store's section on DFX's Picks! It's been updated this month with a Whole New Slew of Current Top Music Albums And Singes! Check it Out! Hurry in to DFX's Multi-Website!


DFX's Multi-Website…. It's all you need in 1 site on the web… and could just keep growing!