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Want to advertise your web-site on the DFX Network? Well you can, as long as your site does not contain any pornographic, satanic, hate, extremely violent, illegal, and/or gruesome material (that any average good parent would deem inappropriate for their child). The same goes for web-sites that are not linked to any sites of this nature. We at the DFX Network are trying to make the Internet a safe place for everyone (especially the children) to surf around. Only legal MP3 sites (whether they are ftp or direct download) may advertise themselves on the DFX Network.

But, even with all these child safety restrictions, we can assure you that advertising on the DFX Network is fully worth your time effort and money; especially at the rates we have for you below! As of the present time, we are offering our advertisers rates based on a monthly basis, rather than a "per impression" basis. Check out the rates below.

DFX Network Advertising Rates Pattern for 1 Year

Number of Months

Price per ad (in U.S. dollars)

Special Discount (in U.S. Dollars)









Save $20.00









Save $40.00









Save $60.00






Save $80.00

(1 Year) 12


Save $110.00


The above rates re-occur every year in the exact same pattern. The basic increment is $30.00US, with a $20.00US discount off every third month's $30.00US increment. This $20.00US discount occurs also off the each of the 11th and 12th months' $30.00US increment.

All this adds up to big savings! So if one was to choose to advertise a banner ad on the DFX Network for 2 years, that would mean paying $520.00US and saving $220.00US. Not to mention that this rate covers an entire 2 years! This means a lot of impressions for your site's ad for real cheap. Plus it would be at a much lower rate than those other web-sites and/or search engines would charge you for only 1000000 impressions. At the DFX Network, you could get over 1000000 impressions for less than half the cost those other search engines and/or web-sites would be charging. Some charge $1.00US for every 1000 impressions. That means $1000.00US for 1000000 impressions!

Face it. The DFX Network is offering you a real steal of a deal.

Since our system has not been fully automated yet, and we value the safety of your transaction, please send your request by filling out the form below.



Advertising Request Form.

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We presently do not accept credit cards for security reasons. Please send payment in the form of a cheque or money order (in U.S. funds) once you have received your billing information Email.
Advertising time will begin once you receive your conformation Email stating that your payment has been received.

All fields are considered manditory and must be filled (except for the Comments field).

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