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Your site may join the DFX Network, as long as it does not contain any pornographic, satanic, hate, extremely violent, illegal, and/or gruesome material (that any average good parent would deem inappropriate for their child). The same goes for web-sites that are not linked to any sites of this nature. We at the DFX Network are trying to make the Internet a safe place for everyone (especially the children) to surf around. Only legal direct download MP3 sites may join and submit their URLs to the DFX Network.

To join the DFX Network and submit your URL, you must first get an username and password. To make this more towards your interest, we have partnered up with a Get-Paid-to-Surf-and/or-read-Email program that will provide you with your username and password. This username and password that can be used by you to access your Get-Paid-to-Surf-and/or-read-Email account, and act as your DFX Network username and password. So in other words, you get to submit your URL and get paid for it as well! It is all absolutely Free!

Click here to join up with our partner and get your Username and Password for the DFX Network and your new Get-Paid-to-Surf-and/or-read-Email account. (The new page will open up in a new window.) Once you have signed up and received your new username and password, you may proceed to the next page and submit your URL.


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