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Hi! I'm Desmond Silva, the sole owner and developer of DFX's Multi-Website. DFX's Multi-Website was officially launched on November 30th, 1998. However, I got into web-development only three or four months before that, when I first signed up with Tripod (September 1998). My site started out as DFX's "Age of Empires" Web-Site since I had a keen interest in Microsoft's hit real-time strategy game "Age of Empires". It was not until mid-October 1998, when I discovered how to earn money on the web that I got into online commerce as well, and started DFX's Multi-Website. At that time there was only DFX's "Age of Empires" Web-Site, DFX's Links Site, and DFX's Online Music Store (now DFX's A/V Entertainment Store). However, as you can see, these are no longer the only three sub-sites on DFX's Multi-Website. During the month of December 1998 alone we gained an average of 10 to 30 visitors per day, with December 2nd, 1998 holding our highest hit rate of the month at 35. Not bad for a site that was only one month old and not yet on the "Yahoo!" search engine. Well I'd like to help you build your own online site - whether you'd like it to be commercial or non-commercial.

Below is a selection of some of the best online tools the web has to offer. Some offer web-page wizards, so you don't need to know HTML to start your own web page/site. Check them out and see what works for you!


  Internet Money Making Ideas


Get Rich On The Internet (By Dr. Dennis Mintun) - Learn how to make money on the internet the fast and easy way, without having to waste your valuable time using through trial and error methods.


The Gold Club - Probably one of the best legal money making systems on the internet; this club guarantees that it's slow, but excellent system will make you money. How much you make all depends on how much initial quality time and effort you put into it.


 Build Your Own Web-sites and/or Web pages!


Tripod - The server I started with and am still on as of January 1999. They made some changes in November 1998, by replacing their Homepage Builder with a Homepage Studio. They now require you to have a Java enabled browser to do any online editing or uploading via the Tripod web-site. However, the URLs they give out are shorter than Geocities, the server is just as big, and they still have some good services. Tripod root URLs appear like this: "'your member name'/". They offer 11MB of free web space, which can be upgraded to 22MB by becoming a Premium Member (which requires a small fee). All free members must have a Tripod pop-up displayed on their starting page. If you are planning on becoming a member now, you should not have much of a problem since the updates have been done.

Geocities - A well-known and therefore large choice of most new web developers who want a free start. Their downside is that the root URLs they hand out are long and confusing. Plus they use a Java Script to keep their logo in the bottom right-hand corner of any free site's browser window. This logo scrolls up and down as the user scrolls up and down, and it is located on every page. However, they still offer some pretty good services.

ICat Inc. - Build your own online store with 10 selling items, for free. Want more items to sell? Well you can sell a few more items for a small fee (in U.S. dollars). Don't know any html? You don't have to. ICat's web page wizard makes building your online store easy, without the hassle of having to learn any html.

MyFreeOffice - Get your own free online virtual office and 5MB of free Web space on the MyFreeOffice server. Become part of an online community or start your own online community. Plus, there are many more services such as domain registration, online web page editing and more.


Banner Exchanges

LINKS2U - One of the two best banner exchange programs I have ever tried. Become a Silver member for free, or become a Gold member and get double the benefits! Gold memberships require a fee in US dollars. This program gives LINKS2U members an incentive that will drive them to your web-site. Get 1 credit for every Silver member's site you visit, and 3 credits for every Gold member's site you visit. Silver members can get the change to win a free Gold membership, and Gold members get the chance to win LINKS2U company shares. If you earn over a certain amount of credits, you can get paid $25.00US and/or get the chance to have your site placed on the TOP 10 SITES list. Gold members can have their web pages submitted to a large number of search engines at one time.

TrafficX - A decent and fair free banner exchange program, with a 1:1 exposure ratio. I'd say that it is worth giving it a try.

Pop-up Banner Exchange - A join their pop-up banner exchange program and get your free complimentary software download gift valued at $195.00US.


More Than Just Banner Exchanges

SmartAge - One of the best multi-programs I have ever been part of. Join their banner exchange program. Then, join any combination of their affiliates/associates programs and earn credits towards exposures for your banner. There are many more services as well.

Link Exchange - A large multi-program with a lot of hype, but a not so excellent banner exchange program. They offer you your own free page hit counter that can give you all the basic statistics you need, plus a few other programs.

ClickTrade - A great program for earning revenue and/or choosing and paying whomever requests to have your banner placed on their site for whatever pay rate you set out.