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Free Games, Sweepstakes, and Prizes

 Age of Empires
   This is the site that started everything at DFX's Multi-Website. Although it is geared mostly to Microsoft's original Age of Empires game, there is also stuff for the "Rise of Rome" version. Download the Trail Versions, get New Scenarios and Campaigns, Plus Much More!

Free Sweepstakes
   Dozens of Great Prizes waiting to be Won (including Cash, Computers, Cars, Shopping Sprees, Electronics and Fully Paid Vacations just to name a few)! No purchases or money is needed to enter! In most cases, all you need is just an E-mail Address! Contests expire after a certain time period and new ones are added every month or two. You have nothing to lose, so Hurry In and Enter Before Their All Gone!

Trivia Blitz
   Three types of Trivia (Entertainment, Sports, & General) that will challenge you to see how much you know about certain things. Questions are multiple choice and are updated every week. Every week that you play, you get the chance to be entered into a weekly draw for $25.00US! (Your browser must be Java enabled in order to play Trivia Blitz.)

   You can play this online lottery-type-game while you are working, playing, lounging around, or just surfing the net. Just keep an eye on the ads in the WinDough pop-up window, and if you see a banner that says "You Win!" You Win A Great Prize!